Meeting the 85th Anniversary of Komi Republic

Dear friends,

This year we are celebrating the 85th anniversary of our republic. It is for that remarkable date that this new edition has been made. It contains, both in terms of the content and importance, the information that reveals the processes taking place in the socio-economic and cultural fields, and the political and public life of Komi Republic. By making use of a large data level and archival documents, it reflects the history of development of the republic from early 1920 up to early XXI century.

The documents on this CD give an idea of the origin and development of a full range of sectors that represent the economic basis of the present republic and of a complex, rather ambiguous historic dynamics of the popular development of the Komi land on the way from the traditional agrarian society to the current industrial one.

The history of the republic is an inseparable part of the common Russian history. Komi had been forming as a multinational community since the very start of its organization. It is related to a good many sad events of the GULAG repressions epoch when people of various nations and nationalities were brought to our parts against their will. Also, it is related to an unprecedented economic development boom in Komi where experts from all the union republics came to in 1960-1970 under the YCL calls to develop a glut of wealth of the North.

Oil and gas industry workers, miners and loggers: all of them have made big personal contributions to formation of the Komi's leading industrial sectors as well as to the republic's rich combination of cultures and arts. In this regard we should recall such prominent republican leaders as the first secretary of the regional communist party committee Ivan Morozov, the chairman of the republican Supreme Soviet Zosima Panev, and the chairman of the republican council of ministers Pavel Beznosov.

The last 15 years take a specific place in the history of the republic. Along with the positive democratic processes, this period is also characterized by deep economic recession and a sudden decline in living standards. However, first the republic got on the marks of the growth path already at the turn of the new century and in 2003 it embarked on the path of steady socio-economic and social and political development.

The issues related to the need of meeting the existing challenges of the regional socio-economic development have been the priority and focus of interest of the Komi government for all the last 5 years. In this respect the issues of implementation of investment projects to be important for the republic as well as a transport network development, better housing and a growth of incomes of the people have always been of specific importance to us. The government has constantly kept an eye on such issues as SME development, changes in agriculture, reforms in the social sectors, and a stabilized socio-economic status of the Arctic cities.

According to leading experts, Komi Republic has a high rating for the major socio-economic indices among the Russian regions, including those in Northwestern federal district. The fact is quite evident that Komi is among the best 15 regions of the country in terms of the index of human potential development, an integral life quality index which is the basic indicator of the community development level.

It is my hope that the documents on this CD will help a reader to make an idea of the current economic and social development in the republic, and that they would also help raising historic consciousness of the people of the Komi land.

A happy holiday to you! Congratulations on the jubilee of our republic!

Vladimir Torlopov              
Head of Komi Republic

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